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Prime time, "Billboard" advertising on every screen, every day

Premiere Theaters On-Screen Advertising Program can present your ad before every showing, seven days a week to thousands of moviegoers. Digitally projected up to 30 feet wide, with brilliant color and great resolution, your message is sure to have impact.

Market your product or service locally to local consumers

Premiere Theaters On-Screen Advertising targets the people who live, work and play right here in Brevard County. Premiere patrons are confirmed consumers who certainly value entertainment and leisure, and prefer to buy their products and services in the towns and neighborhoods close to home.

Your message seen by thousands for less than a penny each

On-Screen Advertising at Premiere Theaters is an amazing value. With an average of five showings on multiple screens every day of the year, you can advertise for 365 days at a cost of less than one cent per impression. Better than other advertising methods, On-Screen Advertising targets consumers out-of-home and actively spending money – making Premiere the best media for your marketing dollar.

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On-Screen is just the start. Lobby promotions, ticket advertising, posters and more are available. Please complete the simple form below to receive detailed information and pricing via mail.

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